Service Transparency. Real Time.

Business intelligence when you need it.

Beneficial insights, giving more power to you

ezispeak provides real-time dashboard reporting to customers and partners using advanced data platforms.

We supply valuable, insightful performance data to all of our customers monthly. The key information provided and analysed includes:


Number of Calls

Number of Abandoned Calls

Number of Unserviced Calls

Service Uptime % during month

Number of Calls by NAATI Level

Number of Calls by Language

Average handling time across call intervals

Feedback & Complaints Management

Quality Assurance Results

All of the above data is produced monthly and via cumulative trends throughout the year.

We help you get the most from your ezispeak experience.

Real Time Business Intelligence

Real time reporting –  for all your language consumption demand

  • Dashboard Analytics

    Our sophisticated dashboard analytics lets customers interrogate their data based on agreed criteria during the on-boarding process.

  • Data Transparency

    We provide complete transparency in data provision for all of our customers.

  • Automation Aids

    Our automation aids with customer business process and has a track record of driving proven benefits for current clients.

  • Contractual Discussions

    Through contractual discussions with customers, we pursue ways to further improve services and the customer experience.

  • Business Intelligence

    Additional business intelligence resources and tools available beyond dashboard analytics.

  • Increased Visibility

    Increased visibility leads to better business and commercial decisions.

We know what we do well

At ezispeak™, we believe it’s time to change how interpreters, customers and consumers work together.

% calls connected to interpreter < 60 seconds

% of calls serviced each month

% calls which comply with QA standards

% of time service available