Quality management plus best practice standards

A better customer experience all-round

Improvement Methodology

We operate a continual improvement methodology – our four core areas of focus ensure a high quality outcome for our customers. These are an ISO Compliant Quality Management System, Engagement of Certified Language Professionals, an ongoing Quality Assurance Program and a Robust Performance Improvement System.

Customer Experience Mandate

Connections matter. The relationships we’ve developed with our subject matter experts have strengthened ezispeak’s customer experience mandate plus the subsequent best practice standards – these are pivotal to our customers’ satisfaction. Positive customer engagement and satisfaction is at the core of the service standards for our business, employees and interpreters.

  • ezispeak has been built from the ground up using ISO 9001 standards – this ensures a high degree of transparency around corrective action and continuous improvement.
  • We practice lean methodologies throughout the business – this supports our best practice service model and ability to deliver services at a high performance level.

  • Interpreters that work with ezispeak have to comply with the industry’s Professional Standard of Interpretation.
  • We expect them to deliver fluent interpreting in line with their NAATI certification, full participating in certification revalidation, and adherence to the AUSIT Code of Ethics, as well as the quality standards set by ezispeak and each of its respective clients.

  • Sophisticated business analytics are used to measure quality and performance.
  • Interpreters are regularly monitored based on call pick-up rates and connect times, call handling time in relation to normal customer variances and call quality against our quality standards.

  • Performance data is available in real-time dashboard views for each customer to help identify performance issues.
  • Customers are given full transparency of performance and call patterns with monthly key performance indicators, and variances are discussed at agreed intervals.

Continuous Improvement

We want organisations to constantly learn and evolve to deliver best practice interpreting services to their customer base.

Quality of Customer Service

We love it when we get feedback – good or bad.

It tells us how we’re performing and pushes us to excel.

Drop us a line or log a ticket today.

How do we remediate service quality issues?

We strongly encourage feedback as this serves to arrest issues in service provision.

YTD Feedback as a % of transactions
Acknowledgement of feedback and concerns: Instant

Feedback from our customers, employees and interpreter workforce drives a continuous improvement loop which promotes corrective action.

Our digital platform allows customers to improve performance in accessing interpreters – 24/7

Our business intelligence dashboards allow us to work with customers on maximising demand needs –  anytime, anywhere and in any language.

Our quality mechanisms value our customers and their non-English speakers, establishing a true value proposition.

Whilst sophisticated technology drives our business, we recognise the importance of people and process. To support our business, we have a full service help desk which manages service and support requests from customers, employees and interpreters.

We work with our customers during procurement stages to develop an end user defined service, individually tailored to the customer. This ensures end user experience is seamless and integrated operationally.

An ezispeak experience is a positive experience. With a continual improvement feedback loop on our complaints and feedback process, we deliver a highly satisfactory service experience, every time.

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