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What we can do

We’re passionate about providing the best experience for consumers of interpreting services by changing the way these services are delivered. We’ll show you how to:

  • Enhance your customer experience.
  • Improve your internal business processes.
  • Drive continuous improvement in quality of service.
  • Reduce consumption costs.

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Phone Interpreters on Demand

Mutilingual Self Service IVRs

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ezispeak automates the process of connecting callers to an appropriately-skilled and certified interpreter within 60 seconds using our trusted, best of breed telephony platform – Interpreting on Demand – Phone©

Using our automated platform, an interpreting call can be initiated by:

  1. A professional user who has a non-English speaker present either in person or over the phone or;
  2. A non-English speaker who connects to an interpreter and their organisation of choice

Fact: Over 94% of all ezispeak interpreting calls take place without the assistance of an agent. We employ the most sophisticated technology solutions in the market. This delivers high levels of service efficiency as this guarantees faster interpreter access as well as reduces the cost of our service to you.

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  • On-demand access to a dedicated pool of interpreters – 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Turn features on or off - you build your own telephone interpreter solutions.
  • Access an interpreter in under 30 seconds.
  • Access to over 2,000 interpreters across 160 languages.
  • Better business intelligence improving reporting and SLA adherence.
  • Competitive pricing for evolving commercial markets.

For more information about our “On-Demand Language Services”



We’re passionate about empowering your organisation to excel in the provision of multilingual customer care. Using our Multi-Language Self-Service IVR platform is one touchpoint which can truly enhance your customer experience.

Our Self-Service IVR allows your organisation to provide service and support to its multilingual customer base en masse. Typical uses of the Self-Service IVR from ezispeak include:

  • Basic enquiry management.
  • Answering frequently asked questions.
  • Providing detailed organisational information.
  • Data collection and management for promotional campaigns.
  • Systems integration and APIs available
  • 24/7 accessibility: Improved access to your products and services – available anywhere, anytime, using any technology.
  • Customer satisfaction: Improved customer experience – our service offerings are diverse and designed with your customer in mind.
  • Self-Service: Customers can drive their service experience independently in over 150 languages.
  • Customer support: Consumers can connect to your service operations centre with an interpreter if the interaction becomes complex.
  • Customer stickiness: Build retention by embracing on-demand multi-language self service capabilities.
  • Productivity: Reduce basic calls from your frontline operations, reducing your cost-to-serve.
  • Customisation: Build your solution to deliver a positive user experience.
  • Cost effective: No annual subscriptions – pay for what you use, when you use it.


ezispeak connects professional end users to skilled and certified interpreters – real time.

  • Instant access to professional interpreters in over 20 languages
  • On demand interpreters accessible across any device and operating system - at any time!
  • Only pay for what you use - nothing more
  • Quality assured service provision
  • Business Intelligence Reporting

    You can capture and link customer satisfaction scores immediately after each interaction using post-call surveys. But are you offering this to your multilingual customers?

    ezispeak’s fully-automated Feedback Management Platform records customer satisfaction after an interpreting interaction, giving you a complete view of service quality.

    Our solution makes customer questionnaires easy to configure and manage. We give you immediate alerts of a poor customer experience. When these are triggered, real-time notifications are sent to a customer advocate.

    To learn how your organisation can embed our Feedback Management platform into its Customer Interaction Strategy, please click here.


    If you’re an organisation looking to develop its multilingual capabilities beyond traditional means, ezispeak employs technology at the heart of its Translation & Localisation Solutions in order to deliver a consistent, quality outcome – every single time.

    Our powerful solutions are used for automating the translation and localisation of:

    • Web sites
    • Mobile Applications
    • Documents, product brochures
    • Presentations and capability statements
    • Email and SMS Messages

    Trusted by some of the world’s largest companies such as Uber, Trello and Microsoft, these technology solutions provide your organisation with real-time multilingual reach, with one simple click.

    To learn more about our Translations & Localisation capability


    % calls connected to interpreter < 60 seconds

    % of calls serviced each month

    % calls which comply with QA standards

    % of time service available

    Interpreter Agency in Melbourne

    Getting quality translations from in person and over the phone interpreting companies is always an important priority. You need to be sure that the interpreter company you choose is professional and provides beyond simply adequate translations.

    This is why you should choose EziSpeak ahead of other interpreting agencies. We have the most professional and knowledgeable translators to help you achieve the best possible communications result, which is why we’re regarded as one of the top interpreting companies in Australia.

    EziSpeak is an interpreter company established in Melbourne and serving all kinds of businesses, government organizations, and individuals all around Australia. We provide quality translations that can be relied upon.

    Our expert interpreters have the knowledge to ensure nothing is lost in translation, so you’ll achieve effective communication with less effort and less stress. That’s better for everyone.

    Not all interpreting agencies are the same

    Interpreting agencies come in all different shapes and sizes, and of course the quality can vary greatly between different agencies.

    At EziSpeak, we ensure that we only hire the best interpreters. That means people who are quick thinkers, creative, honest, and practical. That is a rare combination of traits, but it’s an essential combination for those who want to work for us. This is how you can be sure of the high quality of our service.

    Because you know we can be relied upon to deliver excellent results in interpreting, it means you can feel relaxed. Let us do the heavy lifting in your communications, so that everything proceeds as smoothly as possible.

    A special word about over the phone interpreting companies

    Translation is a complicated art that requires very specialized knowledge and an ability to adapt to meet constantly changing situations. As challenging as it already is by nature, the stakes are raised even higher when the conversation takes place entirely by telephone.

    In this case there is not the same visual feedback available that would be the case when interpreting in a face to face environment or even with video conferencing. Telephone interpreting requires an even higher skill set for the interpreter.

    You need to be even more selective than ever when you are choosing an interpreter for these kinds of situations. EziSpeak is the easy choice, because our interpreters are so good at what they do. Our reputation is what brings customers to us, and the excellence of the service we provide is what keeps them coming back.

    Why EziSpeak is one of the top interpreting companies

    We are a quality focused company, striving to provide the best value in interpreting services to our clients. By always putting the needs of the client first, we make it easier for our clients to get what they want from our service.

    To make this possible, we have a strict hiring policy that ensures we only are hiring the best candidates. That’s only the beginning, however, because we also make sure they have the best training so they’ll be able to serve your needs perfectly.

    Choose the best translation agency in Australia

    EziSpeak will always be your best choice for all kinds of interpreting services. No matter what the situation may be, we have interpreters that can help.


    We have experience in live translating, interpreting speeches, subtitling and dubbing for both scripted and live broadcasts, and telephone interpreting. Every possible translation scenario you can imagine, we have interpreters that can help you out.

    Ezispeak offer on demand translation services throughout Australia. Let us look after any language translation services, interpreter services or on call interpreting services that you require.

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