This depends on four things:
  1. How quickly you provide a completed submission of all of your documentation.
  2. Prompt return of your signed services agreement.
  3. Having a conversation with our Workforce Success Lead about your availability and needs.
  4. Completing your online induction with our Operations Team about how to work with us.
Please email and detail your concerns. If it is a technical issue, please call 1800 796 518 follow the options for technical support. For more information on escalation procedures, please refer to your Induction Pack for more details.
During your induction process, you will be informed about this process. If you need more detail or would like to download the details, please go to ezispeak's dedicated social network - ezispeak@yammer
We will accept your interstate Police Clearance, as long as it is less than 12 months old.
YES, IF IT IS LESS THAN 12 MONTHS OLD. You need to renew your National Police Certificate every 12 months
ezispeak runs a 24-hour/7 days a week/365 days per year service. Our clients operate in different industries, which determine demand, handling times and call patterns. Most calls will be between 8am and 6pm. Utilities may send calls until 9:30pm on weekdays and may call on Saturdays between 8am and 4pm. Healthcare organisations may consume services well into after-hour periods due to the nature of emergency services.
All of our work is allocated by the automated telephone system which uses sophisticated algorithms. There are many key variables that determine how much work interpreters can receive from ezispeak, which includes priority level, your market experience and language proficiency, as well as quality measurements. All of this should be discussed with our Workforce Success Lead so they can work with you to assist your needs.
The short answer is yes, we do. We hear from many interpreters based all around the world wanting to register with us. As you know, we are Australian owned and operated and support our local interpreters first. In Australia, customers have the requirement to work with interpreters and translators that have been tested and certified under the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Our vision, in part, is to help create a more sustainable profession for language practitioners – with our local workforce having access to opportunities first. But don’t despair! We have clients other regions and are always looking to expand our network of language professionals. So if you would like to register your interest, you need to be able to satisfy the following initial registration minimums: Certification In order to qualify for registration, you need to demonstrate that you possess appropriate interpreting certifications from your region. For example, if you’re based in the US, you would need to provide validation of your interpreting credentials from a certified language testing accreditation body. Experience You need to have a minimum of 3+ years of professional interpreting experience. Engagement Framework You must consent to be engaged as a contract interpreter by agreement, which includes applicable jurisdictional laws based on your residency and compliance with our Code of Ethics and Policies. If you would like more information or would like to register your interest, please complete the contact form detailing the relevant information required.
Absolutely. Ezispeak is a national provider of on-demand language services and therefore recruits language professionals from all over the country to support its virtual workforce. ezispeak is always actively looking for accredited and experienced Interpreters and Translators across Australia to deliver its services. If you are based interstate and wish to join our team, please contact 
IT DEPENDS. Usually within 48 hours. If the matter is urgent i.e. a change of phone number or if you are going on leave, this is completed in 24 hours. For urgent matters, we would recommend that interpreters call 1800 796 518. You will receive an email from one of our team members with confirmation.
We prefer you to update your contact details and financial information by emailing us here as soon as possible after the change
You can register your interest online using our contact form or contact us here
We provide services to customers within our quality management framework – this means our interpreters need to meet the same quality requirements as we do before we use their services. The following prerequisites help us maintain a consistent level of quality across our workforce.
  • You need to hold the highest level of language certification available in tested languages (i.e. NAATI for Australia-based interpreters).
  • You need to declare your taxation status for the purposes of payment of services.
  • You need to provide a current National Police Check.
  • You need to provide a current Working with Children check.
  • You need to consent to a Deed of Confidentiality, which forms part of your working agreement with us.
  • You need to maintain business insurances independently or with ezispeak™.
  • You need to clearly demonstrate that you have relevant experience working as an interpreter and in particular nominating specific sectors, as this impacts quality.
  • You need to consent to independent quality control measures undertaken by ezispeak™
To complete your application, we require the following:
  • Photo Identification.
  • Copies of documentation supporting your language certification (certificate or letter of Certification from testing body).
  • Copies of documentation supporting any professional/tertiary qualifications you may have.
  • Certified copies of National Police Check and/or Working with Children Check.
  • Reference ability from other employers regarding your experience working as an interpreter.
  • Other documentation (i.e. CV) that you may feel is appropriate for us to have supporting your application.
Yes, you can in two ways:
  1. We can email you an editable PDF, which you save to your local PC, then complete and return by email with all your documents; or
  2. We can provide you with access to our online registration portal, which allows you to complete your expression of interest over the internet. This process is much faster than option 1 but many interpreters prefer email to online forms. The choice is yours.
At present, no, however we will be reviewing this in future as our business needs evolve. It is our preference that all language professionals working for ezispeak are engaged under a services agreement, as we believe in accountability and transparency.

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