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ezispeak is a privately-held Australian company founded in 2011 by Rebecca Haynes.


Our long-term mission is to transform the interpreting services market.


To become the market leader in provision of real time interpreters

Innovation & opportunity drives growth

Leading the way. Our development story

Having worked in the language services market for over seven years, Rebecca Haynes looked at the language services market in a new and disruptive way. She saw a major opportunity to transform the way buyers procure and consume language services – and with that, ezispeak was born in 2011.

Traditionally, the telephone interpreting market consisted of two service delivery channels – Inbound calls from non-English speaking consumers, and outbound calls from organisations in the private, government, not-for-profit and community-based sectors. Both types of users required the same service – a telephone interpreter.

The Australian market was dominated by Government-owned providers – Rebecca felt this restricted business and competition as organisations couldn’t optimise their expenditure for this service type, improve operational processes around consumption of the service nor exercise control over the vendor relationship.  This led to service immaturity, inefficiency and over-spending.

She believed there was a better way to help buyers gain control over their language services spend –  it was about giving buyers freedom of choice, as well as providing better quality service in terms of the user and customer experience.

Speed & Quality

The ezispeak model

ezispeak is viewed as an emerging market leader thanks to its efforts in pioneering new models of telephone interpreting. With a focus on quality, improving industry standards and constant innovation, Ezispeak has been entrusted by some of Australia’s largest organisations to enhance their on-demand communication.

Continual improvement in business processes has allowed us to deliver a high standard of service excellence, particularly when it comes to connection times with an interpreter.

With the industry’s fastest and most reliable access to professional linguists in more than 150 languages, we automate more than 94% of all service requests, with an average time to connect across all customers now reduced to only 32 seconds. 95% of all interactions are serviced within 2 minutes. That is disruptive – we are setting new industry benchmarks.

But we achieve this whilst maintaining quality of service. Our system of monitoring, feedback, and ongoing coaching of our interpreters, has raised the bar for interpreter performance and professionalism, meeting the ever-increasing needs of our clients and their non-English speaking customers.

Our rapid growth is testament of the market's belief in our approach

Yearly growth %

Key contributors to our success

Rebecca Haynes – Founder and CEO

Rebecca is the Business Founder and CEO of ezispeak. From the outset, she has worked tirelessly and passionately to bring ezispeak to life through extensive market research, ongoing product development, sales and marketing activities, client management and unrelenting leadership.

About Rebecca Haynes

Rebecca Haynes has over 15 years’ experience in middle and senior management positions across the IT, Media and Language Services industries. She has worked across a range of business disciplines, including shared services, business development, procurement, channel management and business-to-business/business-to-consumer sales and marketing in a variety of service delivery settings.

Prior to ezispeak, Rebecca worked for a government-owned language services provider. The role was expansive, with strategic responsibility for the organisation’s growth performance, client and tender/contract management, and future technological capability. During her tenure, Rebecca successfully led the largest technological change initiative ever undertaken in the organisation’s history. This project required the procurement and implementation of a highly sophisticated contact centre solution which, to date, has delivered exceptional tangible benefits to a varying range of stakeholders – improvements in service delivery alone have reached 30 percent.

Previously, she worked as the Head of Shared Services Division at the Network Group, an AUD$50 million multinational group in the Entertainment Broadcasting market. A major business development initiative under her tenure saw the group’s retail division grow from $700k to more than $21m in just five years.

Renowned for challenging the status quo, Rebecca has strong technical capability in understanding business models/markets and technology. An additional area of strength is her ability to leverage technology as a business’ primary enabler. With a highly entrepreneurial spirit, she has led many successful business growth initiatives in which her passion for evolving business models and improvement methodologies comes through – and where, ultimately, her clients and customers are the beneficiaries of superior services.

Trevor Tappenden – Non Executive Director and Chairman

Trevor is a Non-Executive Director and Chairman of ezispeak.  He has worked with Rebecca Haynes in developing strategy, implementing governance models, and providing financial and commercial advice.

About Trevor Tappenden

Trevor has been Independent Company Director since 2003 with a portfolio of diverse directorships ranging from public companies, private companies, government enterprises and not-for-profit organisations

During an accomplished 32-year career with Ernst & Young, including 21 years as a Partner, Trevor held a variety of positions such as Managing Partner Melbourne, National and Sydney Office Director of Entrepreneurial Services, Head of Government Services Melbourne and Member of the National Board of Partners.

His area of expertise was in Entrepreneurial Growth Businesses, which primarily involved providing a range of services to private companies and small-medium enterprises. Trevor was a registered company auditor and tax agent for more than 23 years.

QPC – Global Contact Centre Consultancy and Technology Company

Since ezispeak’s inception, QPC has worked closely with the business to develop a technology platform capable of global scalability in the provision of on-demand language services. Today, QPC continues to invest in the development of ezispeak’s vision and its technology roadmap. We enjoy a collaborative working relationship with QPC in Australia and globally.

About QPC

QPC is a global group with offices in the United Kingdom (Head Office), Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, North America and Australia.

QPC offers both technology solutions and education services to the global contact centre industry. Its focus is on delivering services and solutions to clients that improve their engagement with their own customers. This is achieved through a focus on voice and multimedia platforms, performance management, resource management, quality management, customer analytics, consulting and education services.

What inspires us everyday?

We’ve come a long way in a short time but our four guiding principles haven’t changed since the first day of ezispeak’s formation, testament to our resolve and commitment to the vision and purpose of why ezispeak was started.

  1. Lead the market in developing next generation language services
  2. Embrace innovation as a key business driver
  3. Deliver benefits realisation across all of our stakeholder groups
  4. Provide a fresh, new experience for a rapidly evolving market


  • Customers come first because they are vital to our ongoing success.
  • Keep it lean in order to achieve operational excellence.
  • Drive outcomes through personal leadership and determination.
  • Challenge the status quo to create a better industry for the future.
  • Be direct and honest in all transactions. Plain and simple.


At the core of ezispeak’s success is our selection of the right technology partners – critical in today’s current landscape and key to building something special. Ensuring we are at the forefront of service excellence of multilingual consumer communication is imperative.

To achieve this, we work with a number of domestic and global technology partners ensuring the highest degree of flexibility when required. These leaders include:

  • QPC, a technology company specialising in contact centre solutions, workforce optimisation services and telecommunications/infrastructure management. They were established in Australia for over 20 years and are part of QPC Global, a UK-based company with 30 years’ expertise in contact centre technology.
  • Interactive Intelligence, our technology vendor and provider of ezispeak’s unified communications platform. Ezispeak has been a customer of Interactive Intelligence since the company was founded and has been cited as a case study for successful market transformation using the Interactive Intelligence product suite.
  • NetSuite, a global ERP solution providing our business management platform across financial management, compliance, contractor management and payroll.
  • Salesforce, a global Customer Success Platform which drives sales, service and support processes delivering one seemless customer experience.
  • Microsoft, whose business collaboration tools are employed by ezispeak for rapid development and real-time communication.

Our Mission - To transform the Interpreting Services Market

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Every day, we work towards building a legacy of principled leadership that focus on solutions that improve language accessibility.

We are committed to creating a sustainable interpreter services market by putting         technology, capability and experience to work.

  • We work with suppliers to deliver compensation models and quality which embody service standards customers and consumers expect.
  • We encourage all employees to think broadly and bring their ideas to work.
  • We create solutions that satisfy a broad range of customer needs ensuring optimal outcomes for all organizational stakeholders.
  • To drive real change, we apply technology, expertise and vision toward solving language accessibility problems by improving organizational processes.
  • We innovate service models to reduce environmental impact - yours and ours.
  • We're committed to honesty, accountability, and to engaging our stakeholders.


Meet some of the people behind ezispeak

Rebecca Haynes
Founder and CEO

Key areas of responsibility are growing ezispeak, challenging the status quo, building value in relationships, keeping clients happy and leading our workforce.

Trevor Tappenden
Co-Founding Director and Chairman

Key areas of responsibility are leading the Board, calibration of strategic direction, ensuring good corporate governance, managing risk and executive coaching.

Jo Egan
Performance & Change Director

Key area of Responsibility: Keep operations lean and simple, refine processes, develop our workforce, seed our customers well and evangelise our health agenda.

Award winning innovation drives ezispeak

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Improved Productivity

Understanding the immediacy of service, knowing our customers have their own service KPIs to achieve, is just the beginning.

We develop simple, user-friendly customisable technology that provides instant access to interpreter services.


We are certified change management practitioners with a strong focus on technology implementations.

We provide training programs to support the organisation of new services.

& Support

High quality customer service and technical support are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Commercially Responsive

Casual and contract rates are available, as well as flexible billing arrangements and trading terms.


We want to provide a better experience for buyers of interpreting services, with no exception. By providing true interpreter accessibility for customers using a simplified approach, we can improve your customers’ experience, reduce admin processes related to the use of interpreting services and improve the services we deliver.

% calls connected to interpreter < 60 seconds

% of calls serviced each month

% calls which comply with QA standards

% of time service available