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We develop unique and modern interpreting solutions spanning a range of vertical market places.

Entrepreneurship is part of our DNA. We like to do things differently and challenge the status quo.

Our experience is derived from decades working across multiple industries such as Language Services, FMCG, Health, Media, Finance, Telecommunications and IT.

Our standards are regarded as best practice in the industry due to our approach to operational excellence.

Our connected workforce, based all over the nation, work as a team every day to deliver on demand language services.

And most importantly. We’re commercially responsive to changing marketplace conditions.

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Some of our clients

For live broadcasts and conferencing situations, on demand translation is essential whenever there is a high probability of anyone in the audience or group speaking a different language from others in the same audience or group.

This is where EziSpeak can be of assistance to you, with on demand translation services for phone, video, and other situations where you need an on demand interpreter.

Video Translation Services

EziSpeak is the ideal service to help you with translating video, whether pre-recorded or live broadcast. Our on demand interpreters can translate between any two or more languages, so you get perfect output (for live broadcasts, translating between more than two languages may introduce longer delays between when content occurs and when it is translated into the broadcast audio stream).

When you need to be certain nothing is lost in translation, EziSpeak is the service you can rely on.

Phone Translation Services

Conference calls are another situation where highly accurate translation can be essential. Misunderstandings can be costly, especially in sensitive business and political situations. Don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure the message is translated accurately and sensibly by choosing interpreters from EziSpeak.

Factors to think about with telephone translation services

Translation is not a simple task. Any individual interpreter must be able to make quick decisions about the best way to translate what has been said without losing any of the desired meaning and without disrupting the flow of the speech.

Literal word-for-word translation is not always the best approach because the meaning can be completely lost. This will especially be the case when the speaker has a tendency to use idioms and metaphors. The same problem can arise with high level language, as in academic speech, for example.

So translators must be accurate and intelligent, sensitive and confident. You want the spirit of what is said to be conveyed just as much as the word. This preserves the original meaning and avoids misunderstandings, particularly cultural misunderstandings that can easily arise.

In the worst case scenarios these cultural misunderstandings can cause offence, and this always leads to negative results even when they are not obvious. In Asian culture, for example, when one party to a conversation is offended, it is not always shown in an obvious way. A non-Asian person may be left with the impression that a conversation has progressed successfully, when in reality the relationship may have been permanently damaged.

This is why your translator must have a good understanding of more than just how to translate words from one language to another. They must have an understanding and sensitivity to the cultural background of each party, and to choose expressions wisely that properly convey the intent of the speaker.

When the conversation is taking place by telephone it can be complicated further by the fact that there is usually no visual component, so everything concerning the emotional component of a unit of speech must be understood from tone and volume. Good translators can usually also pick up on emotion and convey it successfully. They can also know when it is appropriate to strip the emotion out of the content.

How it is different to work with an on demand interpreter

Translating from scripted content is much easier than on demand interpretation in a live setting. Although it is up to the individual interpreter to maintain professionalism no matter what the situation may be, there are things you can do to help make the task easier, and in doing so you can improve the results you receive.

These initiatives are not necessities. It is better to think of them in terms of being situational enhancements. What exact situational enhancements will benefit you depends on the circumstances where the translation is to occur.

For example, there are very different needs between a live in-person speaking environment, a telephone conference call, and a video broadcast. Situational enhancements that would be advantageous in one of these environments will not necessarily provide any benefit in the other environments.

In environments other than telephone or other “audio only” environments, good lighting will definitely make a difference. This makes it easier for an interpreter to read the face of the person speaking, which enhances understanding, and therefore communication.

It is also sensible to speak in a measured way, avoiding long bursts of narration delivered at high speed. A slower rate of speech with more frequent pauses is going to provide more choices for the interpreter when it comes to translating your words.

Thinking carefully about what you will say can help avoid ambiguity (this is a situation where a particular fragment of speech could be understood to have different meanings). Ambiguity is something that should be avoided as much as possible, because it can lead to confusion.

Good translators should be able to identify ambiguity before it becomes a problem, although in some circumstances it is not always possible to obtain clarification of the intended meaning. Corrections can be one method of fixing a misunderstanding, but we should always seek to avoid the need for corrections.

When you have a choice between simple and complex words, the simpler word is usually the better choice. The other party will not be aware of the fancy words you use anyway, and the interpreter can upgrade simple expressions to create more impact in the foreign language, adjusting the choices to suit what will be most comprehensible for the audience.

For the best live translations, contact EziSpeak

We’re always going to be your best choice for all kinds of on demand translation services. For speeches, television broadcasts, Internet streaming, teleconferencing, and all other situations requiring expert translation, we will give you the best service

Ezispeak offer on demand translation services throughout Australia. Let us look after any language translation services, interpreter services or on call interpreting services that you require.

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